ICEMAN.KZ opens access to stamukhi observations database for the Caspian Sea from 2014 to 2019. Interactive summary PowerBi Report and short description of major parameters are published to Data Access section on our website. Report is an easy to use tool to conduct basic queries on the phenomena occurrences illustrating distribution of intensity and quantities over the the region.


Stamukhi are vast ice rubble features sitting on seabed that form as consequence of sea ice drift, when uneven bottom surface of ice touches seabed and triggers pile-up at that spot. These mounds of rubble were observed to reach up to 16 m during the history of the last years.

Stamukhi pose a navigational threat for marine operations. As they persist long into the open water season when ice cover has melted away, stamukhi become a severe hazard for light hull sever speed boats released into operations.

Data acquisition program and rationale behind observation records are described in Research and Development section. Company provides more sophisticated insights on the features distribution over the region at specific request. Some of the dependencies including width/number to water depth, wind speed threshold for formation and others will be presented at POAC19 conference in Delft, Netherlands with paper published in conference proceedings.

Caspian Sea