Data Usage Terms and Conditions

Legal Notice on use of ICEMAN.KZ analytical products

ICEMAN.KZ provides free, full and open access to analytical products published on this site without any express or implied warranty, including as regards quality and suitability for any purpose. 

ICEMAN.KZ grants free access to analytical products for the purpose of the following use in so far as it is lawful:

  1. Reproduction;
  2. Distribution;
  3. Communication to the Public
  4. Adaptation, Modification and Combination with other data and information

By using ICEMAN.KZ analytical products the user acknowledges that these conditions are applicable to him/her and that the user renounces to any claims for damages LLP ICEMAN.KZ. The scope of this waiver encompasses any dispute, including contracts and torts claims, that might be filed in court, in arbitration or in any other form of dispute settlement. 

The Intellectual Property of the Primary and Altered analytical products published on this page remains with LLP ICEMAN.KZ. In case the user communicates or distributes by sharing, publishing, distributing or in any other way making them available to the public ICEMAN.KZ analytical products, he/she shall inform the recipients of the source by using the following notice:

Caspian Ice Service product [Year] ©ICEMAN.KZ

The Intellectual Property of derivatives made by user from ICEMAN.KZ analytical products belong to user. However, the user shall provide the following notice whenever sharing, publishing, distributing or in any other way making them available to others: 

Contains modified Caspian Ice Service product [Year] ©ICEMAN.KZ

In his sphere of influence, the user guarantees respect of ICEMAN.KZ intellectual property rights and reports any evidence of unlawful use, including such of third parties, immediately to ICEMAN.KZ in writing. 

By default, user rights are granted for an unlimited duration. ICEMAN.KZ may terminate this agreement in case the user violates any of the provisions above. The provisions regarding absence of warranty will remain valid in this case.

In case these conditions do not apply to your project

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