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Ice is nice

The company was founded in 2012 by leading ice specialists in Kazakhstan. The core group of the company has diverse experience and background merging advanced knowledge in math, physics, engineering, technology, business, software development and data management to deliver high level services to our customers.

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Caspian Sea is our principal domain where we test our technologies. The area is unique posing a lot of challenges both from the environment and with data availability. But our experience goes well beyond shallow waters and sub-arctic ice regime of the sea. We have delivered projects in the Kara Sea, Sea of Okhotsk and off North-Eastern coast of Greenland.

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Internal R&D

In addition to our commercial activities, we conduct significant research and development in order to stay up to date with modern techniques in remote sensing and data handling. Majority of our studies are publicly available. If you see your area of expertise is anywhere close to ours and you would like to benefit from joint projects? we are always open for discussion and new cooperation

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Business Diversity

Building apps for Ice&Metocean, Remote Sensing application ICEMAN has developed internal stack of skills and competencies to apply data management engines for other business applications. If you face a challenge to deploy Complex BI analytics, sophisticated ERP systems and many more we here to guide you through this perilous path at the least investment and as fast as possible.

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Our Purpose

ICEMAN.KZ exists to be at the forefront of technology enabling our customers to overcome challenges and improve their efficiency. We deliver a number of solutions for diverse applications where we search for inspiration.

Our culture is built on science, technology and innovation. Our aim is to continuously extend technological limits imposed to us and our customers with introduction of rational and efficient ways to reach the ultimate goals for sustainable growth, economically efficient and safe operations. 

Science and Technology

Our commitment to science and technology is realized through research and innovations accomplished through methodical delivery of services at high quality level. It is the basis for our competitive advantage.


Our people are the major value in our Company. Their creativity and knowledge, dedication to personal development and introducing innovations is our greatest strength. 

Social Impact

We are here to leave a track behind us making a difference by sharing in our trade, empowering research and scientific innovations and supporting similar groups driving positive social impact in local communities or worldwide.



Understand and support the direction ahead making a difference to stakeholders

Focus on quality of services

Continuously look for improvement

Rely on self-development


Take action, ensure positive impact and achieve excellence

Being creative

Having initiative

Adapting to circumstances

Focusing on results


Working together to reach common goals with support, trust and reliance


Communicate and Share

Coach and Mentor

Respect diversity


Recognize that acting honestly and responsibly is doing thigs right

Make decisions

Be responsible


■ We take obligation to know and obey the laws and regulations applicable to our activities ■ 

■ We do not engage in any activities unless we are fully sure that they are ethical and legal ■ 

■ We ask questions and raise concerns, when issues arise, and report violations without concerns or fear for retaliation ■ 

■ We are committed to our Clients treating them in consistent and transparent way delivering excellence in everything we do ■ 

Commitment to Health, Safety and Environment Protection

We do not perform any works without proper risk assessment and training of personnel, without proper means of protections in hazardous environment.

We stop any job at any time, when the conditions are believed unsafe.

We are highly dedicated to traffic safety with zero tolerance to violation of traffic rules.

We always wear seat belts and never use electronic devices including mobile phone while driving.

We do not take any action to cause environmental pollution.

When using transport and equipment in wild nature conditions we ensure it may cause minimal possible to none damage to environment. 

HSE Policy and Management System
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Commitment to Quality of Deliverables

Our goal is to do things right every time we do it.

We strive to exceed Client expectations.

We respond to customer requests in a timely and appropriate manner.

We use every chance to improve our services.

Business Ethics

As a Company targeting for ZERO profit all commercial and social activities by our personnel are targeted for scientific research, innovations and personal development.

We do not use company resources, funds or equipment for any other benefit than this.

Good Judgement is used to give or receive business gifts or hospitality normally not exceeding its nominal value of more than 5 000 KZT.

We never use them with intention of influencing business decisions, but to build positive relationships.

We recognize and respect our customers’ policies regarding gifts and hospitality.

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Fair and Open Business Practices

We have zero tolerance to corruption offering or accepting no bribes in anyh form under any circumstances.

We do not use Company resources for political purposes.

We do not engage in direct dialogue with authorities, policy makers, other businesses unless it is properly documented and is conducted legally following all relevant procedures.

We compete, but we compete fairly.

We do not maintain customer relationships illegally or unethically.

We do not enter into agreements that can restrict full and fair competition.

We do not share pricing or bidding information with anyone outside ICEMAN.KZ.

We encourage fair employment and offer equal opportunity to everyone.

We do not tolerate harassment, or other offensive behavior in any form.

Data Privacy and Information Security

We respect privacy of our employees and customers collecting and using only personal data required to fulfill local regulations. All personal data is protected in accordance with regulations.

Anyone entering work relationship with ICEMAN.KZ is accepted with good will and trust. Their right for privacy, secret of communications in any form is not violated in any way.

We encourage employees to discuss professional side of their colleagues and company business in public as long as it is not regulated with confidentiality agreements with third parties.

Customer Data Privacy Policy

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Protecting Intellectual Property

We protect intellectual property assets of our employees.

We require our employees to acknowledge that intellectual property created by colleagues while working for the company belongs exclusively to each individual who generated it.

We do not allow our employees to fully disclose full functionality of software and commercially sensitive data generated in house.

We promote our employees to share in public all their scientific research conducted individually or in groups.


The three founders driving our business 

Sergey Vernyayev, CTO

Founder and chief visionary, Sergey is the driving force behind the company. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in projects delivery, development of new applications and deployment of systems.

Anton Sigitov, Data Analytics

Anton is the founder that loves taking on challenges. With his multi-year experience as Data Analyst for variety of diverse applications, Anton has helped the company to get where it is today. Anton is among the best minds.

Yevgeniy Kadranov, DevOps

Yevgeniy is one of the iconic people in life who can say they love what they do. As the third co-founder of the Company, he is the author of all sophisticated systems that enable Company's efficiency with automation. He mentors in-house developers and looks after the community of new ones joining our team.


ICEMAN.KZ foundation

Getting the three bright minded and very different persons together to start the enterprise based on trust? common interest and will to grow.


Onboarding the team of Ice Charters in support of seismic operations offshore Greenland

...and in the Caspian for Kashagan project.


Sub-contracted to run Ice Charting Office at agip kco manning all positions and delivering full scope of work. 
The first in Kazakhstan fully local ice charting agent.


Initiated internal research and development program

Caspian Sea ice atlas compilation with daily observations

Data management software development and deployment

Microsoft Partner

Building Cloud infrastructure to handle growing data archives and enhance NRT data analytics


Delivery of big projects on ice environment analytics for Kara Sea and Caspian Sea with modern data management tools


Delivery of the first project with oil spill analytics in the Caspian Sea

Gemini CAD Systems Distributor

The first in Kazakhstan technology adviser for data driven apparel manufacturing enterprises from design to ERP and BI.


FACTORY 4.0 brand deployment delivering the most efficient technological solution for apparel manufacturing enterprises with automation at all stages from idea and concept to processes in the cutting room and at the assembly line. 

Odoo partner

The first in Kazakhstan cloud ERP system tailored for SMB. One-stop solution to automate marketing, sales, production and project operations


Sales to production automation is deployed at Special Gear Kazakhstan. The first apparel manufacturing enterprise stepping into the fourth industrial revolution of data driven production.

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