Окончание ледового сезона 2021-2022

Экстремально теплые условия

During the past ice season more than 950 FDDs were accumulated in Peshnoi area which makes it a severe winter. First ice appeared in mid-November although freeze-up took place middle of December. There were almost no thawing periods. Ice cover has reached its maximum by middle of January and remained at that level until maximum ice volume of about 30 cubic kilometers was reached in the first half of February. Break-up started in the end of February. The ice has lasted until end of March with a total season duration of less than 140 days.  

Ледовый сезон - вид из космоса

Scroll through selection of remote sensing images below to see how ice cover developed through the course of winter.


Ледовые и метеорологические наблюдения

Видео иллюстрирует ежедневные ледовые и метеорологические данные собранные за сезон.

А также на нашем канале

Ice edge in severe winter  

Medium resolution optical image in January illustrates extension of ice edge during severe winter.

Ice edge in severe winter in Caspian Sea
During severe winter almost all Northern part of Caspian Sea is covered with ice. The edge can start at Buzachi peninsula and stretch to west. Along the Russian coast temporary ice can extend to Makhachkala.  


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Окончание ледового сезона 2021-2022
Экстремально теплые условия