2020-2021 Ice Season Wrap-up

Moderate Conditions

Open Water conditions were declared in the Caspian Sea on the 2nd of April. The ice season 2020-2021 has lasted for 137 days which makes it one of the longest by duration in the past 10 years. Stable ice thickness was estimated to reach 55 cm along the northern coast and 30-35 cm near Kulaly Island at the beginning of March. Such values were last observed in the winter of 2013-2014 which is comparable by the same number of FDDs gained in various areas of the northern Caspian.

Ice Season from Space

Scroll through selection of remote sensing images below to see how ice cover developed through the course of winter.

Ice & Metocean Observations

The following video is a daily time lapse of ice and metocean observations for the whole season

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Ice gouges in Seal Island area 

High resolution optical image from Sentinel-2 allowed to observe stamukhi and ice gouges.

Multiple ice scours and stamukhi observed after ice retrieval from Seal Islands area.


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Caspian Sea