2021-2022 Ice Season Wrap-up

Extremely Mild Conditions

2021-2022 has been another (third during the last 10 years) extremely mild season in the recent history of the Caspian. Majority of ice cover was gone after the first week of March. However, winter has tried to keep its grip on the region with recurring ice formation along the northern coast during two cold snaps before final clearance end of last week.

Ice Season from Space

Scroll through selection of remote sensing images below to see how ice cover developed t hrough the course of winter.

Ice & Metocean Observations

The following video is a daily time lapse of ice and metocean observations for the whole season

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 Kashagan Marine Access Channel 

It was the first ice season that offshore section of Kashagan MAC has experienced ice season.

Grounded rubble ice features formed on crests of underwater soil mounds retrieved from channel.

2022-2023 Ice Season Wrap-up
Moderate Conditions