2022-2023 Ice Season Wrap-up

Moderate Conditions

2022-2023 winter season in the Caspian Sea has closed on 19th of March. It started on 29th of November and lasted for 108 days which makes slightly shorter than the average duration of 119 days.  There were several cold spells during the season. The first moderate spell in the end of November and first part of December resulted in level ice thickness growth up to 25 cm along the northern shore. The second cold spell in January has seen average daily air temperature to drop to -20`C resulting ice thickness to increase up to 40cm. Just below 600 FDD were accumulated in Peshnoi area. Maximum level ice thickness has reached about 45 cm along the Northern shore and 30-35 cm in Saddle area by middle of February. Fast reduction of ice volume was observed in the beginning of March resulting in ice disappearance by middle of the month.

Ice Season from Space

Scroll through selection of remote sensing images below to see how ice cover developed through the course of winter.