ICEMAN.KZ presents satellite imagery catalogue containing list of images for the Caspian Sea since 2000. It has parameters associated with each image allowing to assess usability of the dataset for ice charting purposes. These are cloud cover, spatial coverage and temporal gap for each area of interest sorted by type of satellite.

Quick guide how to query the catalogue through the easy-to-use PowerBI report is available on our YouTube channel.

The Log is updated regularly based on new acquisitions becoming available through automatic data mining process running on our server that collects satellite data from variety of sources. The same log updated continuously in NRT and containing acquisition plan for ongoing winter season is accessible via secure login under subscription.

Continuing investigations to hindcast ice cover over the region result in more data sources being identified. The next datasets to be incorporated into SatLog are ERS, ENVISAT, CRYOSAT and aerial survey data from Soviet era.

2017-2018 Ice Season Wrap-up
Moderate Season