Participating in POAC2017 Busan Korea

24ᵗʰ International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions in Busan Korea

As part of the professional development program and our contribution to international scientific community we have attended POAC 2017 in Busan (, South Korea. ICEMAN.KZ has attended with their contribution to community with presentation of new results and achievements of internal projects. It is our strong commitment to experience exchanging and sharing information that has contributed to our growth and development. This was the third conference attended in a row during the last six years that allows staying on state of the art level in ice engineering enhancing our knowledge to be applied in operation.

Sharing the Caspian Sea News

Two articles were presented at this conference. The key focus is the Caspian Sea where our domain lays with research projects and experience of operations.

POAC 2017, Busan, Korea
Anton Sigitov and Yevgeniy Kadranov at POAC conference.
Study Results

Comparison of Satellite Imagery Based Ice Drift with Wind Model for the Caspian Sea

Main goal of this work was to study wind-ice movement velocities dependence in the region and check how ice concentration and thickness influence on the movement of ice. The analysis provided in the work can be used for the forecast of short term ice drift on theoperational basis and can be the first step for creation of ice drift forecast model for theregion of North Caspian Sea. The used data, methods and results of the study are described inthis paper.

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POAC has once again proven its usefulness for as a proactive platform for exchange on technical and scientific development. Learning new trends in the world of sea ice engineering keeps us at the state-of-the-art level of technologies we apply in our daily operations